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Machine Learning Engineer

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Research Affiliate,
Laboratory for Space Research,
The University of Hong Kong

CV (January 2021)

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I work on topics in continual learning, attention mechanisms, robustness and non-linear dynamics, with a broad focus on theoretical deep learning, lifelong learning, representation learning and computer vision.
My previous work has mostly been at the intersection of dynamics and applied computer vision. I also work at the intersection of computer vision and astrophysical sciences.

Along with the applied deep learning aspects, I have a firm interest in abstract algebra and algebraic geometry.

Some recent topics:
  • Non-linear dynamics and loss landscapes
  • Continual Learning
  • Few Shot/ Zero Shot Semantic Segmentation
  • Attention Mechanisms
  • Image Synthesis
See recent publications and projects at Landskape for an idea of what I'm doing now.

As founder and researcher at my group Landskape, I collaborate and undertake research projects mostly at the intersection of analytical theory of deep learning and applied computer vision. Please visit our page for more details.

Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) under the guidance of Asst. Prof. Dr. Bhargav Appasani.

Collaboration Opportunities and Referrals:

At Landskape, we are open to new collaborations and research members for our selected ongoing projects. Please take a look at our projects to have an idea on the scope and domain of our current projects. To reach out to us, please fill in the contact form available on our page. Additionally, if you're interested in applying for any position at Weights & Biases, please do so via the official portal. Please do not contact me for referrals. You can take a look at the open positions at Weights & Biases here.

Recent projects

Publications listed below, in the present page.

Recent News


Mish: A Self Regularized Non-Monotonic Neural Activation Function
Diganta Misra
BMVC, 2020 [pdf][code][CV Talk Episode][ML Cafe Episode][Sicara Talk][Weights & Biases Salon Episode]
Rotate to Attend: Convolutional Triplet Attention Module
Diganta Misra, Trikay Nalamada, Ajay Uppili Arasanipalai, Qibin Hou
WACV, 2021 [pdf][supp][video][code]

Past affiliations

LeadingAI DV Digimyx Coso
UNV KIIT Bennett